We’ll be obeying, obeying

The losers are the winners
The saints are the sinners
The angels in heaven
Keep falling, keep falling

God is no forgiver
He demands and you deliver
The demons in hell
Keep calling, keep calling

through the night shall all wash away
All the horrors of the day
And a little angel on my side
Tries to make it all worthwhile
And with a little beauty in my bed
I still wish that I was dead

No rose without a thorn
Dead before you’re born
A world full of nothing
So keep praying, keep praying


~ by Fardark on 17/07/2009.

One Response to “We’ll be obeying, obeying”

  1. Last life for the night and start into a chapter 2
    to better you or down sorrows for the anew
    Fame goes into starlight as fast as the peak end
    New faces arise but originals will ever touch thy eye
    Not fair as to curse for talent so soft for sight
    Life hardens as passage tighter but never say gdnight
    To owe it to ancestors whom fought so upright
    Lost in time but not to battle for us to win this fight
    Damned to gypsy but not to lose ourselves inner light.

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