Day after day after day..

How each of us decides
I’ve never been sure
The part we play
The way we are
How each of us denies any other way in the world
Why each of us must choose
I’ve never understood
One special friend
One true love
Why each of us must lose everyone else in the world

However unsure
However unwise
Day after day play out our lives
However confused
Pretending to know to the end

But this isn’t truth this isn’t right
This isn’t love this isn’t life this isn’t real
This is a lie



~ by Fardark on 02/07/2011.

2 Responses to “Day after day after day..”

  1. Pretend to make it believable is to see in a diff aspect
    or to ji and fake to prove the reasonance is in agostic fool
    questions not answered to linger thru a space known to you
    Mend or break only its healing process can tell forseen
    nothing dated to fade or fated to bound ugly to duel
    alone can crack deep aches within in strength solid walls cement

  2. Life confuses all aspects when left hanging in darkness wings clipped no soul to glide high… Maybe the sounds of near below echoes chill the spine or allow alone wolf to howl… Forgetful sorrows end drowning deep solo… At the end death is day after day but on your own is what brings halo.

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