Death Into Life

There are times, I ask why
Sometimes I could kill,
Sometimes I would die.
I damned it all.
What’s left?

Nothing, but ashes, hate and memories that fades.
Is it this for what we life?

Day by day…

I won’t no longer.
All the woeful lies,
The betrayals,
The distress,
And the mankind-produced-shit.


But there’s still another way.

No easy choice, there’s no return.
But what keeps me here?
Is there any argument strong enough?
What’s stronger, the fear for life,
Or the fear to die?


~ by Sarah Black on 14/04/2013.

6 Responses to “Death Into Life”

  1. No fear for death nor for life,
    more inner soul mourn for what day night brings,
    torture will it be to tore or to go another’s door,
    Promises kepts without it lip spect,
    no point in keeping if not straight out said
    SShh say society to be polite
    but wen dark comes its all out lights… D5

  2. After death felt going back into life is a god sent
    or is it a tripple curse???
    Coz maybe angels serve for a period
    once duty is ordered and dealt
    the deals signed with the devil will be re spelt
    Expiry dated is for a cause
    as my long left story will cut short urs black knight
    My gia cang is felt near even if they really all dead
    No matter the distance soon new moon it dear.

  3. Fear to never see my family roots and soulful ties lost in another reltic dimension, that is the only reason as family love is only felt but for like a sec then just shortaged out in a change of current, bammm damn

  4. Life and death is life itself… Come back to life to go back to hell and die all over again… Makeveilli that shit.

  5. Head off my face. Foot injured been ripped off now displace. Door to my soul now used as control. Replaced and now phantom foot reeps havoc. Out of control to sacrifice for their superficial own…

    • KπιP ΓΘνΞΠ

      That’s my title of my website projects of dark poetic skeletons criptic coded views to illustrate Δ…5

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