Death Into Life

•14/04/2013 • 6 Comments

There are times, I ask why
Sometimes I could kill,
Sometimes I would die.
I damned it all.
What’s left?

Nothing, but ashes, hate and memories that fades.
Is it this for what we life?

Day by day…

I won’t no longer.
All the woeful lies,
The betrayals,
The distress,
And the mankind-produced-shit.


But there’s still another way.

No easy choice, there’s no return.
But what keeps me here?
Is there any argument strong enough?
What’s stronger, the fear for life,
Or the fear to die?


Day after day after day..

•02/07/2011 • 2 Comments

How each of us decides
I’ve never been sure
The part we play
The way we are
How each of us denies any other way in the world
Why each of us must choose
I’ve never understood
One special friend
One true love
Why each of us must lose everyone else in the world

However unsure
However unwise
Day after day play out our lives
However confused
Pretending to know to the end

But this isn’t truth this isn’t right
This isn’t love this isn’t life this isn’t real
This is a lie



•19/11/2009 • 1 Comment

I have never felt such frustration
Or lack of self control
I want you to kill me
And dig me under, I wanna live no more

One who doesnt care is one who shouldnt be
Ive tried to hide myself from what is wrong for me
For me

I want to taste dirty, stinging pistol
In my mouth, on my tongue
I want you to scrape me from the walls
And go crazy like youve made me

You, you are so special
You have the talent to
Make me feel like dirt
And you, you use your
Talent to dig me under
And cover me with dirt

Cry Like You Should

•26/10/2009 • 1 Comment

Take a breath

Hold it in

Start a fight

You won’t win

Had enough

Let’s begin


I don’t care

All in all

You’re no good

You don’t cry

Like you should

Let it go

If you could

When love dies in the end

So I’ll find what lies beneath

Your sick twisted smile….

We’ll be obeying, obeying

•17/07/2009 • 1 Comment

The losers are the winners
The saints are the sinners
The angels in heaven
Keep falling, keep falling

God is no forgiver
He demands and you deliver
The demons in hell
Keep calling, keep calling

through the night shall all wash away
All the horrors of the day
And a little angel on my side
Tries to make it all worthwhile
And with a little beauty in my bed
I still wish that I was dead

No rose without a thorn
Dead before you’re born
A world full of nothing
So keep praying, keep praying

Am I a Slave?

•23/06/2009 • Leave a Comment

I’m infected by your genetics
I’m infected by your genetics
And I don’t think that I can be fixed
No, I don’t think that I can be fixed
Tell me why, oh why are my genetics such a b*tch?

It’s this blood condition
Damn this blood condition!
Mother can you hear me?
Thanks for the disease!
Now I am sequestered
Part of the collection
That’s what is expected when you are infected

How much of it’s genetics?
How much of it is fate?
How much of it depends on the choices that we make?
He says I have her eyes, did I also inherit his shame?
Is heredity the culprit?
Can I stop it, or am I a slave?

Skeletons Of Society

•18/06/2009 • Leave a Comment

Minutes seem like days
Since fire ruled the sky
The rich became the beggars
And the fools became the wise
Memories linger in my brain
Of burning from the acid rain
A pain I never have won

Shades of death are all I see
Fragments of what used to be